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Hey there, I’m Arelle, the brains and heart behind Smart Cookie Printables. When I’m not chasing after my two little whirlwinds, I’m busy cooking up some seriously fun activities to keep them entertained.

With a bachelor’s degree in art history and art, plus a minor in Spanish, topped off with a master’s in special education and a slew of certifications, it’s safe to say I’ve got a serious passion for education!

I’ve spent years knee-deep in shaping young minds and dodging the occasional flying eraser. But after over a decade of that, plus some health hurdles, I decided it was time to focus on my own two girls.

As a result, I merged my love for art, kids, and education and created Smart Cookie Printables.

Cooking up activities, crafts, and printables became my passion.

I pour lots of love, time, and hard work into all my printables and activities because I care about making quality resources.

Alrighty, it’s time to find an awesome printable, print it out, and get your little ones racing for their crayons like they’re sprinting for the last cookie in the jar!

What Sets Smart Cookie Printables Apart?

  1. I create them with simplicity, clarity, and the utmost quality. You’re tapping into over a decade of my know-how in lesson planning, curriculum development, and resource creation – all just a click away!
  2. I design my printables with engaging graphics that showcase diversity and inclusivity. My favorite go-to artists are Bunny On a Cloud, Rainbow Sprinkle Studio, Scrappin’ Doodles, and Party Head Graphics.
  3. I’m dedicated to making learning fun! I hope my printables ignite your child’s creativity and enthusiasm for learning!
  4. I’m all about that printable life! Seriously, I’m churning out new ones like it’s nobody’s business. So keep checking back regularly for a fresh dose of fun activities!
  5. Snagging these printables is as easy as pie! Just pop in your email address, and ta-da! Your printables will hit your inbox faster than you can say, “Abracadabra!”