9 Free Printable Winter Activity Playdough Mats

9 free winter playdough activity mats

Inside: Free Winter Playdough Activity Mat Printables

Have a great time improving your hand control and learning new winter words with these free winter playdough activity mat printables!

These mats are perfect for staying busy indoors on cold and snowy days, and they are a fantastic addition to any winter-themed lesson plan.

These awesome winter playdough mats are just right for preschoolers and kindergartners! You’ll find fun designs like a penguin, a winter hat, a snowflake, and even a hot chocolate. And guess what? They’re all free for you to enjoy!

Download your winter playdough activity mat printables today!

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Winter Playdough Mats

9 free winter playdough fine motor mats

These fun and free winter playdough mats are a great winter activity that can be easily prepped for home or class use. These winter playdough mats are guaranteed to make learning new winter vocabulary fun while making all sorts of cool winter items.

No matter if you’re a parent, teacher, or homeschooler, these winter printables are a fantastic way to make learning enjoyable this winter with minimal preparation required.

Winter Playdough Activity for Preschool

3 free winter playdough activity mats

Whether you’re using homemade playdough or store bought playdough, these free winter playdough mats will give your kids a chance to follow a template to make cool winter items.

There are nine items featured in this printable PDF download:

  • a snowflake playdough mat
  • a hot chocolate playdough mat
  • a winter hat playdough mat
  • a tree playdough mat
  • an ice skate playdough mat
  • a penguin playdough mat
  • a sled playdough mat
  • a mitten playdough mat
  • a snowman playdough mat

Preschool Winter Activity

Every winter playdough mat showcases a winter picture and a vocabulary word written in a traceable font right below it. This gives kids the opportunity to use the template to create the image and trace the winter words using their fingers or dry erase markers.

3 free winter playdough mats for preschool

Materials Needed to Create these Winter Playdough Mats

3 free winter playdough mats

To use these winter playdough mats, you’ll need to create a smooth surface that won’t stick. One way to achieve this is by laminating the mats or sliding them into page protectors. This will ensure hours of play without any sticky situations!

3 Benefits of Playing with Playdough

Playing with playdough offers several benefits for children. Here are three key advantages:

playdough with script font: benefits of playdough
  1. Sensory Stimulation: Playing with playdough is a hands-on experience that helps kids explore their senses. They can touch, squish, squeeze, roll, and shape the dough, which improves their sense of touch and helps them develop strong hand and finger muscles.
  2. Creativity and Imagination: Playing with playdough lets kids unleash their creativity and imagination. They can mold animals, objects, and unique shapes, which boosts their problem-solving skills and encourages them to think creatively.
  3. Fine Motor Development: When kids play with playdough and shape it with their hands, it actually helps make their hand and finger muscles stronger. This makes their fine motor skills improve, which is important for tasks like writing, drawing, buttoning clothes, and doing other activities that need careful hand movements.

By engaging in playdough play, children can enjoy sensory exploration, boost their creativity, and enhance their fine motor abilities, all while having fun!

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