6 Preschool Unicorn Worksheets (Free Printable)

Unicorns are all the rage nowadays, so I couldn’t resist creating some adorable early learning preschool unicorn activities! My kids are obsessed with unicorns, and it seems like many others are too. These magical creatures have been captivating hearts for ages.

Our free unicorn printable worksheets are packed with educational fun for your little ones. From pre-writing exercises to early math concepts and recognizing emotions, these printables are bound to make learning a blast for your kiddos!

Free Unicorn Printables for Preschool and Kindergarten

Why Choose Unicorn-Themed Learning?

Did you know that the first recorded mention of unicorns in Western literature dates back to the 4th century BC? It’s safe to say that unicorns have been enchanting kids for ages! Whether it’s unicorn toys or the latest My Little Pony reboot on Netflix, it’s clear they’ve secured their place in our hearts.

So, why not blend unicorns with learning? Here’s why incorporating unicorns into educational activities can amp up the fun:

  • Engaging with a unicorn theme can spark curiosity and wonder in young minds through their mystical allure, captivating children with their enchanting appearance and magical symbolism.
  • Incorporating magical creatures into educational activities enhances engagement! Using unicorn-themed printables can turn mundane learning into an exciting adventure.
  • Incorporating unicorn-themed learning materials encourages kids to think creatively and innovatively, approaching learning with an open mind and a spirit of exploration.

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2 free unicorn printables- an I spy and spot the difference

What’s Included in our Preschool Unicorn Activity Pack?

Our free unicorn-themed printables consist of the following six educational worksheets:

  1. Free pre-writing unicorn tracing and coloring activity. In this activity, children can hone their tracing skills by practicing the word “unicorn” before delighting in tracing and coloring the charming unicorn illustration provided on the page.
  2. Free unicorn labeling activity. In this activity, children will cut out and paste the words from the provided word bank to label the corresponding parts of the unicorn accurately. Afterwards, they can add a splash of color to bring the unicorn to life!
  3. Free unicorn color recognition activity. In this activity, children will color the stars based on the color words provided. After completing that task, they can further engage by coloring the unicorn and additional stars to complete the activity.
  4. Free unicorn-themed same or different activity. In this activity, children will identify the picture that stands out from the rest by circling, coloring, or dabbing it.
  5. Free unicorn feelings matching activity. In this activity, children will examine the facial expressions of unicorns and then cut and paste to match them with the corresponding emotions. This serves as an excellent social-emotional activity, enabling kids to explore and discuss emotions while learning to identify them based on facial cues.
  6. Free unicorn look, find, and count activity. In this math activity, children will search for and count each unicorn-themed picture, then circle the corresponding number to reinforce their counting skills.
2 free unicorn printables-one is for tracing and the other is color recognition

Learning Objectives for this Unicorn-themed Activity Pack

  • Enhances fine motor skills through tracing, coloring, cutting, and gluing
  • Encourages creativity and artistic expression through coloring
  • Strengthens vocabulary skills by identifying and labeling a unicorn
  • Reinforces color recognition by matching colors to color words
  • Develops visual discrimination and critical thinking skills by identifying differences among similar pictures
  • Promotes social-emotional development by recognizing and discussing different emotions
  • Reinforces counting skills and number recognition by matching counted items to corresponding numerals
  • And more!
an I spy unicorn  printable for kids

Common Questions

How do these printables cater to different learning styles and abilities?

These printables cater to various learning styles and abilities by offering diverse activities like tracing, coloring, matching, and labeling, ensuring engagement and accessibility for all learners.

How can you extend the learning from these printables through additional activities or discussions?

You can expand learning with these printables by integrating them into themed lessons, such as reading unicorn stories (this is our favorite!), exploring emotions, or practicing basic math concepts like counting and sorting with unicorn-themed materials. You can also foster creativity by encouraging children to create their own unicorn-themed artwork or stories.

What age group or developmental stage are these printables designed for, and how can they be adapted for younger or older learners?

These printables target preschoolers aged 3 to 5 but can be adjusted for younger or older learners. For younger children, offer extra assistance during activities like tracing or cutting, and simplify instructions. For older kids, complete some (or all) of the recommended extension activities above.

2 unicorn printables, label a unicorn and match feelings

More Fun and Free Printables!

Have Fun Learning With These Unicorn Worksheets!

Our free unicorn preschool printables offer a captivating avenue for learning. Witness your child’s development as they engage with these imaginative resources.

Don’t miss out on the fun—get your early learning unicorn printables today!

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All activities to be done with adult supervision.

I hope you enjoy these unicorn-themed worksheets! Dive into our preschool printables library for even more fun activities for your little ones.

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6 free unicorn early learning printables for preschool and kindergarten

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