5 Best Craft Blogs for 2022


I have to confess that I love crafting! My favorite crafts to do are crocheting and jewelry-making. I’ve been doing both for over a decade and there’s no slowing down in sight.

If you’re also a crafter, I want to share some of my favorite craft blogs with you!

These blogs give great tips and project ideas ranging from crochet, jewelry-making, and DIY crafts. Who knows, even if you’re not crafty, you may get inspired to try a new skill to help you de-stress after adulting and parenting all day.

1. TL Yarn Crafts by Toni Lipsey

Toni’s blog is a smorgasbord of beautiful, modern crochet projects that are chic and practical. Great for beginners and seasoned makers alike. Toni’s kind and super relatable personality shines through on all of her platforms – check her out on Instagram as well!

2.  Meghan Makes Do by Meghan Ballmer

I love Meghan’s crafty vibe. A self-proclaimed jack of all trades, she focuses primarily on crocheting and sewing while also serving up some motherhood and life advice on the side.

3. Crafts by Amanda by Amanda Formaro

If you’re looking for an activity to do with your little one or want to whip up a quick last minute gift (pregnancy brain is real!) she’s got your covered. Amanda is a dynamo when it comes to creating fun, engaging, and gift-worthy crafts!


4.   Repeat Crafter Me by Sarah Zimmerman

Sarah focuses on crafting, crocheting, and crockpotting. These mini crochet bunny baskets are the cutest thing! As a mom of three, she has some great kid friendly projects and ideas too!

5. Running With Sisters by Kitty and Jennifer (the O’Neil Sisters)

While I don’t believe Kitty and Jennifer are currently updating their blog, they have a ton of great beginner jewelry and craft projects to try if you’re in the mood to make yourself something sparkly and pretty. Their YouTube videos are also very helpful and straight to the point too.

6. Bonus! Because I love Sirin’s Crochet too! Pınar Çelik is a sweet Turkish crochet designer who has tons of beginner friendly projects, a big heart, and the fluffiest cats.

I hope you get a chance to relax and visit some of these sites.

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