3 Free North Pole Elves I Spy Christmas Printables

Elves I Spy Worksheets

3 free Christmas elves I spy printables

Christmas is just around the corner! And these free North Pole Elves I Spy Christmas Printables are a great activity to do during this holiday season!

Your kids are going to have fun searching for all the different elves – plus there are three levels of difficulty. Each game gets progressively more challenging.

Download these fun elves I spy games today!

Printable Elves I Spy Games For Christmas Fun

3 free Christmas elves I spy activities

I spy games are so much fun for kids to do! And they’re perfect for any age group (even adults!).

These free I Spy printables feature different north pole elves. And because some of the elves are very similar, kids will really need to look closely at each elf and compare them to see if they’re from the same group.

There are three I spy printables in this set: one in color and the other two in black and white. This gives your child choice. They can do one or all of them if they really like I spy activities. Even though they all feature similar elves, the level of difficulty increases with each one.

Other fun I Spy printables

We have a growing list of I Spy printables in a variety of themes.

Here are a few:

I Spy Elves Printables

These Elves I Spy printables are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11″ printer paper.

This set features three I Spy activities. Each I Spy activity features six different cute and happy elves.

At the bottom of each page is a key that shows the elves that need to be found and counted.

The first version is in full color and gives the number of each elf kids need to find. This is the easier version. Since this version is in color, you can easily reuse this activity by placing it in a page protector and using dry erase markers.

free Christmas Elves I Spy activity

For the second and third versions, kids will use the color coding on the worksheet to find elves and categorize them before counting how many there are. Once they’ve completed this step, they’ll write the number total for each elf in the box provided.

Colors needed to complete the black and white versions are blue, green, red, yellow, orange, and brown.

The difference between the two black and white versions is that one is a little more challenging because the elves are smaller in size and there are more of them to count.

free Christmas Elves I Spy printables

One of the best things about I Spy printables is that regardless of which one your child chooses to complete, they’ll improve their visual discrimination skills, fine motor skills, and counting skills.

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